Master classes


Journey Through the Chakras
This workshop series is an opportunity to explore the depth of your energetic wheels. Each session will include an Asana practice, a meditation, arts & crafts, and a lecture including, but not limited to the meaning, function, element, balance/imbalances, and practical uses of each Chakra both on and off the mat.

Yoga 101
This workshop is essential for all yoga practitioners of any level. We will thoroughly explore the true foundation of our Yoga practice. We will discuss and practice the “3 Big Sutras”, the 4 Stages of Relaxation, The Myths of Alignment, and the significance of Pranayama(our yogic breaths), as well as a simple and mindful approach to the asana practice. 

Sutras and Meditation
This Workshop series is a practical guide to living your yoga. The Sutras are the guidelines for yogic living, and meditation is our original yoga asana or posture. Each session will include a guided sutra meditation, a silent meditation, and a reflective Dharma talk based on the content covered. 

Floating and Arm Balances
This workshop is all about feeling lighter and having more control over your body, not to mention some fancy asanas. Throughout this practice we will have a 1 hour Vinyasa practice designed to open you up and prepare you to be more ethereal, a 1 hour hands-on workshop on the fundamentals of yoga flight and asanas, and an easy to use guideline for bringing these methods into your practice, as well as a rejuvenating meditation.

The Art of Vulnerability
There is a common misconception that to be vulnerable, is to be weak. This workshop will prove just the opposite, that vulnerability quite possibly, is our greatest strength. We will create a sacred space to explore the depths, breadths, and heights our souls can reach through meditation, visualization, breath work, and a long-slow-deep eyes-closed vinyasa and extended yin practice. 

The Art of Impactful Assists
This workshop is the perfect opportunity to delve into what it means to be in your own body, as well as truly connect with other yogis to help them find that same sense of stability and self. The Art of Impactful Assists is a practical journey through the understanding that as teachers we are making connections, not corrections. And an essential tool for any yogi looking to strengthen their practice.



1st Class: $10

After that: $23

Student/Military Price: $16
(And 25% off for Student/Military on all Membership Plans)


3-Pack: $59 (30 day expiration)

5-Pack: $89 (50 day expiration)

10-Pack: $159 (90 day expiration)

20-Pack: $299 (150 day expiration)


1-Month Unlimited: $120

3-Month Unlimited: $330

6-Month Unlimited: $599

12-Month Unlimited: $1,099

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Private / 1-on-1

If you prefer a more private experience, we offer 1-on-1 and small-group options for regular yoga sessions, coaching, and yoga teacher training.

Private lessons are a great way to deepen your yoga practice; for everyone, not only novice practitioners, but experienced yogis as well. The one-on-one time spent with our teachers will completely transform the way you think about, practice, and share yoga.

Private sessions are $135/hour and small groups are $200/hour up to 8 people.

Private teacher training is $6,500 per person or — if you’d like to get certified with a few friends — $2,700 per person for groups with 4 or more members.  Contact us  to arrange a schedule that suits you; payment plans are available.